About us

HindiUSA, is a non-profit and entirely volunteer-managed organization in the United States. HindiUSA is the largest Hindi volunteer organization in USA. Our main aim is to promote Hindi at the grass-root level by teaching young students.
We have 24 Hindi schools in New Jersey, Connecticut, California,Massachusetts, Maryland, Georgia and Missouri.
We have more than 20 affiliated Hindi schools in nine other states in USA.
We teach Hindi to more than 4,000 students of ages 5 to 15.
We have nine different levels of Hindi course; all levels have their own tested syllabus, books, teaching materials, and programs.

 What makes us different 
  • We teach Hindi speaking, writing, reading, and understanding for complete Hindi learning.
  • We have our own printing and publication center, and our books are specially written for students born and brought up in America.
  • We teach Hindi language through modern methods, games, competitions, stories, and various teaching materials.
  • Our teaching syllabus connects students to their everyday life, and hence speeds-up their Hindi learning.
  • We emphasize on Indian Bhartiya culture by celebrating festivals, and cultural programs, such as Hindi Mahotsav.
  • We establish leadership quality and patriotism with the help of Kavita competition.
  • We train our teachers through rigorous teachers’ training and on-the-job teaching experience.
  • Our regular tests, and oral and written exams constitute our strong teaching structure.
  • Our magazine, ‘Karmbhoomi’, is a unique publication, where Hindi articles of our young students are also published.