Guideline for School Parents

School Calendar – Dates Hindi School will be in session

Year-2022 Event Year-2023 Event
9/9/2022   1/6/2023  
9/16/2022   1/13/2023  
9/23/2022   1/20/2023  
9/30/2022   1/27/2023 India Rebublic Day Celebration
10/7/2022   2/3/2023 KPP
10/14/2022   2/10/2023  
10/21/2022 DIWALI 2/17/2023  
10/28/2022   2/24/2023  
11/4/2022   3/3/2023  
11/11/2022 SCHOOL CLOSED 3/10/2023  
11/18/2022   3/17/2023  
12/2/2022 MID-TERM ORAL EXAM 3/24/2023  
12/9/2022 MID-TERM ORAL EXAM 3/31/2023  
12/16/2022 MID-TERM WRITEN EXAM 4/14/2023  
    5/19/2023 KPP in Mahotsav 5/20-21
    6/2/2023 FINAL Writen Exam

Guidelines and helping hints for parents (2022-23)


  1. We have Hindi classes in 10 LEVELS {Starter-1 (S1); Starter-2 (S2); Beginers-1 (B1); Beginners-2 (B2); Intermediate-1 (I1); Intermediate-2 (I2); Intermediate-3 (I3); Advance-1 (A1); Advance-2 (A2) & Adults}. First Day of school is Friday, September 09, 2022. Each level has its own syllabus, and all parents will be provided with a eCopy of syllabus for their child. If you do not receive syllabus, please contact your child’s class teacher.
  2. We ask that parents should leave their children in the front lobby of the school NOT before 6:55 PM and NO later than 7:10 P.M. and come back @ 8:25 PM (8pm if your child is in S1, S2 or B1 level) to pick your child from class. JAMS (John Adams Middle School) Management is very strict and DOES NOT PERMIT us to enter the facility before 7:00 PM.  So please do not drop off the kids before 6:55 PM. If you happen to reach school before 6:55 PM, please park your car in the parking lot and wait until school building opens and any Hindi USA volunteer(s) present(s) in the main lobby. Those who have small children please do not drop them off outside the building unattended. Before dropping-off them, make sure building’s main entrance is open and your child entered the building safely. Please instruct your kids NOT to touch articles/stationaries/books/computer/projectors, etc left in the class room by the previous class students.
  3. Please DO NOT send your child to school if sick.
  4. Please DO NOT Park or Stop the vehicle for extended period on the pick-up and drop-off area.  If you wish to stay in school, please park your car in the parking lot.  The pick-up/ drop-off area must be used exclusively for its intended purposes only.
  5. Please DO NOT Park in fire lane, disable reserved or block road/ intersection in front of the school building.  Front parking lot is reserved for school Teachers and volunteers, PLEASE DO NOT PARK your car in this area.
  6. Parents are not allowed in the classrooms or in the school corridors while classes are in session. We will have a separate room booked for parents who want to wait in school.  We request all parents to go directly to your child’s class room @ 8:30pm (8pm in case your child is in S1, S2 or B1) to pick your child.
  7. Instruct your child NOT to LEAVE school building until either you talk to them OR they know you are outside. If needed be at front desk so that it is easy to locate.
  8. NO ONE is allowed to walk or seat around the class room, there is R.N. 109 for parents to wait/read/talk/discuss. Some time this room may be busy for informative sessions like College Finances, TAX filing, Ayurvedic etc.
  9. No one is allowed to eat or drink inside the school premises. Please do not send any eatables with your child (even in case of his/her birthday). YOU MUST OBTAIN PRIOR PERMISSION FROM SCHOOL COORDINATOR IN CASE YOU WANT TO SEND EATABLES WITH YOUR CHILD.
  10. It is important for you and child to setup and regularly use our learning site LMS. You must login and check all your details. This site have helpful material for you child to learn Hindi.
  11. Our teachers may change Hindi grade / level of your child based on your child’s Hindi skills & teacher’s evaluation. This may include written/oral test of your child before we make any changes in assigned level. This may be done only during the first 2-3 weeks of the class.
  12. We have many students, so please bear with us. Once the students get settled in, things will run smoothly, and your child will begin to gain the precious knowledge of Hindi language.
  13. Each Level has its own set of books. Please check with your child’s teacher to make sure that you have the correct set of books. If not, please exchange/return them so that books are properly utilized. A list of books is at the bottom of syllabus sent to parents.
  14. During winter months, should school be closed due to inclement weather or unforeseen situations, in such circumstances, we will send a group email to all parents. Please check your emails regularly. If you do not get any emails, please send us/teacher an email or call us or the teacher to ensure that school is open or has been cancelled.
  15. We are looking for volunteers / Teachers, if any parent wants to volunteer / teach for HindiUSA’s activities, please inform at the registration desk. Every year we keep a few training sessions for teachers.

For any questions and concerns, first contact your child’s teacher.  He/she should be the primary contact for all class/ curriculum related enquiries.  For other matters or escalation, please write to [email protected].


Thank you very much all your support.

Manak Kabra       (718) 414-5429

      Raj Mittal       (732) 423-4619

Sunil Dubey         (732) 570-3258

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