HindiUSA St. Louis Holds 4th Annual Kavya Paath Competition

HindiUSA St. Louis Holds 4th Annual Kavya Paath Competition

On Friday, March 11th HindiUSA-St. Louis held our 4th annual Kavya Paath competition. Despite being held virtually due to the Covid-19 the event was filled with creativity and excitement. Kids performed poems by some of the most noteworthy poets in Hindi Literature such as Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and Safdar Hashmi. One student, Ritika Platihar, even wrote her own poem.

The event was hosted by local school coordinators Anshu and Mayank Jain, as well as teacher Anupama Singh with Shikha Mehta of Chicago and Venugopal Varma of New Jersey judging. Special guests included Chesterfield city council member Gary Budoor, and Ranjit Singh the Consul of press, information, culture, and education from the Indian Consulate in Chicago.

The winners for the upper-level courses were Siya Taneja, Aadvika Rawat, and Anoushka Popuri. Intermediate level winners were Janani Karthikeyan, Tushan Khatri, and Shubh Shresta. The youngest winners were Ritika Pratihar, Arsh Rajpurohit, and Sahasra Machrela. To watch all the amazing performances check out this video of the live-streamed show:

 HindiUSA सेंट लुईस - काव्य पाठ (March 11th 2022) - YouTube