Hindi Darpan

As part of HindiUSA Saint Louis, we have accomplished a great deal during the 2023-24 academic year. Last year, we organized over 20+ events including festivals celebration educational events, cultural activities, and Hindi promotional programs. Additionally, our school received multiple recognitions. I feel a deep sense of accomplishment knowing that our little-known Hindi language school has become the largest nonprofit Hindi school in the entire Midwest. One of our proudest moments was being recognized at a major league soccer game in front of 22,500 people at CITY SC Stadium! Twenty-two of our HindiUSA students had the honor of walking with international soccer players as player pals.

Our commitment to promoting Hindi also brought in new dedicated non-teaching volunteers. These individuals have prioritized advocating for our mother tongue to be included in the Parkway and Rockwood education systems.

This year, nearly 96% of our students passed their exams. Our dedicated teachers demonstrated their commitment to student success by conducting a second exam for those who couldn't attend or didn't pass on their first attempt.

Some notable achievements include completing our first-ever snack distribution program, sending 28 students to an international school poetry competition, and having 10 of our students receive trophies and medals for their top positions.

These achievements have been possible only due to the unwavering support of our teachers, volunteers, parents, and, of course, the hard work of our students.

This year, our magazine will feature fewer articles and more photos, along with information about the Tamil School. While we take pride in advocating for Hindi, we are also delighted to encourage other Indian regional languages. We share the same challenges and pride in offering our language programs, and we hope you find the information about the Tamil language school interesting. We are losing two dedicated teachers and one volunteer coordinator this year. I understand that we all get busy with our daily lives and it’s difficult to find time, but I encourage each of you to prioritize Hindi. Help your children at home, and consider being a teacher at least once or twice during the school year so that our regular teachers can take a break and continue to support your children. Please don’t forget to click on the links provided for videos or news updates. If you haven't already, subscribe to our Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok channels. Also, leave us feedback on Google! Once again, THANK YOU so much for your support and trust in HindiUSA STL! Message from School Coordinator With Gratitude, Mayank Jain,Hindi Darpan is the quarterly newsletter published by HindiUSA STL. The newsletter keeps parents updated on current happenings across all classrooms, while also offering a glimpse of our students' creativity featuring poetry, artwork, and more.

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